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Backyard Landscaping

Creating the complete backyard oasis

Pools are a pretty important part of our outdoor living space. Our extreme summers can be made enjoyable, by a dip in the pool of your backyard oasis. Landscaping around a pool, however, can be challenging. When creating a backyard landscape to complement a pool several things are taken into consideration such as tolerance to pool water, the amount of leaf loss and they need to be able to tolerate reflected heat.

  • How much leaf litter do the plants create?

  • Will the plant selected stand up to the reflected heat and humidity?

  • Will the plants stand up to potential pool splashing?

  • Are the plants the client’s style and do they flow with the landscape?

Reimagine your outdoor space with luxurious details that tie your pool, patio and outdoor kitchen together with the rest of your living space. Whether you are completing a luxury remodel or installing a backyard oasis for the first time, our experienced design team can create a custom space that will complement your lifestyle and bring you hours of enjoyment and memories for years to come.

“Eric, Katrina and Roy were outstanding during the entire process! The design of our pool and entire backyard were above and beyond our expectations! Everyone was outstanding to work with and we couldn’t be more happy! Thank you!!”

Mary N.


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