Waterfall Features

Enjoy the soothing sounds of flowing water.

Waterfalls are a great addition when you’re looking to add something special to your pool design. Waterfall features also add a relaxation factor to your back yard, offering a soothing sound to the background of your personal paradise. Whether it’s a natural rock waterfall or something more contemporary, adding a waterfall feature into your pool design, Lakeside Pools wants your pool to stand out as something special. Some of the added benefits of adding a waterfall feature to your pool include:

  • Transforms any pool to a backyard centerpiece

  • Soothing and relaxing background noise

  • Enhances the visual appearance of your pool

  • Helps with water filtration

  • Helps prevent the formation of algae

Reimagine your outdoor space with luxurious details that tie your pool, patio and outdoor kitchen together with the rest of your living space. Whether you are completing a luxury remodel or installing a backyard oasis for the first time, our experienced design team can create a custom space that will complement your lifestyle and bring you hours of enjoyment and memories for years to come.

“As a retired contractor and someone who spent his life in construction can tell you no job goes 100% perfectly. It is how a company deals with issues is how I rate them. And Lakeside dealt with the few things that arose without hesitation. It’s the final product that’s important, and Lakeside delivered.”

Bill T.


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