Please do not place chlorine tablets in your skimmer. You can provide a chlorine floater, or we can install a deck-chlor to accommodate the tablets. Placing tablets in your skimmer can adversely affect the pool pump as well as damage the skimmer. Lakeside will not place tablets in your skimmer if we are doing your [...]


Equipment Start-up & Orientation


We will do the pool equipment start up after the pool is filled with water. The water will normally be supplied from your hose bib. While we are there to start the water, you will want to monitor the fill and turn off the water when it reaches the middle of the tile. We will [...]

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We will clean up all the debris and excess construction materials when the project is complete. This includes removing the concrete wash-out area we prepare at the side of the home. The trenches will be filled in. Please do not fill in any trenched area on your own as these are often left open for [...]


Setbacks & Easements


Each municipality has its own set-back rules. Your municipality is not necessarily your Postal City. For example, much of Litchfield Park postal is actually Maricopa County. We will advise you of your governing jurisdiction and its requirements at our initial consultation. Almost every community requires the pool edge be located five feet from the home. [...]

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Pets and Children


The construction area can be hazardous to pets and youngsters. You will want to assure yours do not have any accidents in the construction area. This is no different than keeping an eye on those loved ones once you have a pool in your yard.

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Barrier/Safety Codes


Each municipality has its own set of safety requirements. We will advise you of these at our initial consultation. In some cases, pet doors with access to the pool area are not permitted. Sometimes codes may change or be interpreted differently. These circumstances are rare, and we will do our best to keep you informed.

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Final Inspection


The last payment is due after the final inspection PRIOR to the interior finish/coating (plaster/Pebbletec). We cannot continue without this payment. The payment schedule is proscribed by the State and all builders should use the same schedule.

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Inspections & Scheduling


We will schedule all the phases of construction and contact the city for the necessary inspections. We are not permitted to proceed until these inspections are completed. Normally they are done quickly, but we are at the mercy of the city schedule. When we schedule a phase for a certain day, please understand on occasion [...]

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Gas Lines


When we install a gas heater, we can run the lines, but the homeowner will need to contact the gas company to switch out the meter. This will be done near the end of the project. The gas company will need access to the home to check other gas appliances as a safety precaution, the [...]

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Water Cure


When the shotcrete is applied, it will need to be watered down two-four times a day, depending how hot it is. When we deal with out of town buyers, we normally include this in the cost of the pool. If you are living in the home permanently, our assumption is you will be able to [...]

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