We will assist you, if desired, with securing financing for your pool. We have a secure portal on our web site for you to apply. Please understand, the loan processor you will be talking with will do her/his best to guide you through the process, they are not the person making the final decision as to rates or approvals. They are only a conduit to one of the many lenders they have available. Rates for both secured and unsecured loans are typically higher than home mortgage rates, sometimes by several percentage points. You are welcome to secure your own financing as well. Approvals and rates are based on credit scores, credit history, employment history, how much debt you may currently have and other factors. We have several lenders available with a variety of programs and requirements. If you have had a short sale, bankruptcy, repossession in the past three years, it is quite difficult to be approved. Sometimes peer to peer lending groups are a viable alternative. Because the loans typically do not have prepayment penalties (always verify this), you may be able to refinance the loan at more favorable terms in a year or two.