Get Toasty with a Fire Pit

Cooler weather may send our friends to the north indoors, but this is prime time for outdoor activities in the Southwest. Even if your pool isn’t the center of attention during the off-season, a gorgeous fire pit is a welcome addition to your outdoor living space.

Options & Style

From wood decks to adding on to water features, there are many materials to choose from that will fit your style. Pits and seating may be built into the landscaping, embedded in a table or wall, or installed on a variety of surfaces.

Name Your Fuel

Whether you want a traditional wood-burning pit or need a more eco-friendly fuel to meet your city or community standards, you can create a cozy, yet sophisticated, space. 

  • Many people love to gather around a classic fire, complete with crackling embers and that unique campfire aroma. A properly installed wood-burning fire pit is great for cooking and roasting. Keep in mind the need to keep wood safely stored, cleaning out ashes, and the very real “no burn” bans that some cities and states impose for environmental reasons.
  • Gel, propane, and gas are alternate fuels with less mess and more placement options, but they absolutely require professional installation for safe operation. These fuels vary in price and heat output, but they are smokeless.

Let’s Heat Things Up

Are you ready to keep the exciting outdoor life going and bring your yard to the next level? Call Lakeside Pools today for a consultation on including a fire pit into your backyard oasis ideas.