Luxury Poolscape Decking Options

When designing a custom pool environment, details like natural stone add a special touch to the sense of extravagance. Whatever your style, there’s a luxury poolscape decking option that will enhance your design.

Think Beyond the Basics

When you started dreaming of your ideal pool, you didn’t fall in love with the idea of basic and boring – you have a vision of a beautiful, sophisticated, modern setting that blends seamlessly into your sense of style. To meet that expectation, consider the features of a variety of elegant natural stone decking material options.

  • Marble – bacteria-resistant, highly durable and weather resistant, unique veins of color, and fairly cool to walk on
  • Sandstone – slightly rippled texture, naturally non-slip, some shades more porous than others yet low maintenance when sealed
  • Flagstone – slabs made from natural stone, weather resistant, durable, non-slip surface, and commonly used in exterior settings 
  • Limestone – durable, variety of shapes and sizes, relatively smooth and slip-resistant surface
  • Travertine – naturally non-slip texture, water absorbent, and durable even in extreme weather conditions

Natural stone materials boast a wide range of colors and textures, surface finishes, porosity, and heat resistance, and are relatively low maintenance. Pool decking and other hardscapes featuring the luxury of natural stone add to the beauty and endurance of their designs.

Explore Your Options

This is the perfect time to consider how luxury poolscape decking can enhance the vision you already have for your pool. Call Lakeside Pools today for more information on the many exciting features available in our custom-built poolscapes.