Give Your Backyard Extra Flair
with a Pool Rain Curtain

Design with a Pool Rain Curtain in Mind!

A pool is a significant investment in your home’s entertainment and outdoor living experience. Lighting, landscaping, and other features work together to create a mood and build atmosphere. The addition of a rain curtain water feature creates a refreshing illusion that elevates the ambience of your backyard oasis and leaves a lasting impression.

Whether used as an accent to connect pool and spa elements or as a dramatic focal point, a rain curtain creates stunning visual and sound effects. The system requires minimal maintenance and uses a recirculating pump system aided by gravity. With a variety of design options, a pool rain curtain creates the illusion of sheets of water or gently falling rain to produce a sense of calm and relaxation.

Limitless Options for Maximum Impact

  • Stonework & Natural – Imagine sheets of water appearing to cascade through a stone and rock surface to pool elegantly below.
  • Rooftop & Structural – Picture water tumbling from a pergola, tiled wall, or nearby rooftop to cascade dramatically to your chosen focal point.
  • Connecting Elements – Seamlessly blend your spa, pool, pool bar and more with softly falling water. 
  • Stand-alone or built-in – The applications are endless, whether water is used to draw in your guests or enhance specific pool features.
pool rain curtain

Elevate Your Pool Experience

Your pool is meant to be a destination, a source of relaxation, and a personal oasis. Adding a dynamic pool rain curtain is an ideal way to enhance your backyard atmosphere or update your pool design. The Lakeside Pools team is here to help you create the stunning pool experience of your dreams.

Lakeside Pools and Spas has a number of distinctive features, designs and services all aimed to provide the customer with the best service and a final result that will last for years. From reinforced steel structures and commercial style construction, to Venturi Skimmers and LED lights as our standards- we build to last! If it was not for our loyal and satisfied customers, we would not have risen to the top of being the best Pool/Spa/Landscape design and service companies in the area.